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    what is your fav vintage car ? people show your opinions . i have always been a mustang man . from the looks to the power that it delivers when you step on the pedal. i have always loved the looks i get when driving a mustang from the beginning till the end lol . convince me to love any other care ......

    i love the old mercedes benz cars, they gulped soo much gas and put out so little power from a huge ass engine . its funny how technology makes these cars completely obsolete . you never know whats gonna happened in the future !

    Lool its soo true , cars back then used soo much gas with a v8 engine that barely produces 200 horse power and had like 15 miles per gallon but the nice about them is that they were limited unlike know where they make a million copies of it .

    well my favorite vintage car is none , i dont really like vintage cars except the old delorean and i only like those because of the movie back to the future if i had it maybe i could go to the future and change a few things muahaha

    my favorite vintage car is the 1991 mercedes E class , i remember when i was young my brother was in love with this car , and naturally i loved it too because i wanted to be like him .. loool but there is no real reason why i like that car , i prefer more modern models.

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    So little power?!?!?! WTF? Lol...
    This is all ill say...check the specs on these cars...their HP....
    Chevelle 454 SS
    Dodge Hemicuda
    Yenko Camaro
    AC Cobra
    Ford Cobra Jet

    Those are just some have to remember...these cars were putting out a LOT of power and torque...also...back makers would lie about HP output for liability were a lot heavier....a lot bigger...and more affordable to "regular" people...if you take a Chevy 350...a motor that has been around for a long time....and spend the same amount of money that you would spend on a modern car....the 350...with the right freaking incredible...I'm building a Factory Five Racing replica of the AC Cobra...called a MK4...cost for the car...minus tranny...minus motor....$19k...spend $10-15k on a 427 crate OLD motor...been around since the 60''ll out run a Ferrari...THAT'S amazing...I can take an American car....that's a replica of a car from the 60's....put an engine in it...that was designed in the 60' cost...let's say when all is said and done...tuning it...I have $50k invested in will give ALMOST....ANY car out there a run for its money...and it'll outrun far more cars that cost WAY more...just something to think about...

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    I understand what you're saying, but american cars usually had a larger engines then the foreign competition

    There are cars that put them to shame

    The original gt40s
    The ferrari 250 gto
    Jag e type which enzo himself said was the prettiest car i history
    The mark 1 gti
    Audi quattro 81
    Lancia 037
    Lancia stratos
    Original shelby mustang
    Mercs original sl

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    70 Chevelle for sure

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