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    a week ago i saw a car accident in the middle of the street between a Nissan 370Z and a Hyundai accent . its a shame about the Nissan because the Nissan would cost a lot more money to repair than the Hyundai accent . but the funny thing was that the Hyundai didn't look as bad as the Nissan . the whole front of the car was screwed up but the Hyundai had the passenger door broken up.

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    oh man i would hate to be the nissan 370 z owner because on top of his insurance premium going up, he would be dangerously close to his car being totaled from simple car crash. its funny how the hyundai got out easy while the Z got screwed up.

    aww that sucks bro , hopefully things turn out better . do not get to pissed about it, there are worst things happening to other people , so you might as well be happy with what you have .
    and as the legendary bob marley says dont worry be happy

    if you are quoting bob marley then you definitely can not go wrong , whenever i get pissed or feel let down about any subject just listen to bob marley to make you feel happy. and i love this quote "dont worry the best is yet to come "

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    uuh i know how the nissan driver feels i just got hit by a crappy car and my freaking insurance just went through the roof. it will be a while before my insurance goes down , at least a couple of years, but it depends on the drivers track record.

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    There are reinforcement beams inside those doors to protect the passengers.i know, i once hit the driver door of a volks golf.

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